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PyRook - a standalone client for RookChat written in Python and Qt.
Synchronal - a server and example clients for syncing Twitter feed read status between devices.
Amarok LiveUSB - a LiveUSB image for the Amarok music player.
Album Art Wallpaper Generator - designed for use with the Amarok music player, this is a simple script to generate a wallpaper by tiling random album art from your collection.
Amarok 2 Now Playing script for XChat - does what it says on the tin.
Batch audio transcoder - a Python script using VLC to batch transcode audio files.
PyAmz - a Python library/script for handling .amz files from Amazon MP3. upload script - a Python script for easy uploading of files or other data from the console to
CleanupBot - a Python script for cleaning up spam on MediaWikis, written for the Amarok project. - a simple command-line musical alarm script.
My public key - should you wish to send me secure emails.
Scary physics for programmers - an introduction to some aspects of physics useful for programmers. Very neglected.
All code posted on this website is released into the public domain, unless otherwise stated.

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