Album Art Wallpaper Generator

This is a simple Python script which tiles a random selection of your album art to a single image for use as a wallpaper. This is designed for use with Amarok, which has a single directory to store album art, but will work with any folder or tree of folders containing images. For example, if your album art is stored as images alongside your music files, it can be given the root directory of your music collection and will find all image files.
Pulling album art out of tags in files may be a possibility at some point in the future.
Comments, bugs, etc may be addressed to Sentynel in #amarok on FreeNode, or emailed to amarok _at_ sentynel _dot_ com.


You will need the Python Imaging Library. This is available as the python-imaging package on Ubuntu systems.
At its most basic, run ./ 1680 1050 to generate a 1680*1050 pixel wallpaper named wallpaper.jpg in the current working directory. ./ -h will list options; you can change the input directory, output filename, and cover size.
I recommend running it as a cron job with some given frequency, setting the KDE wallpaper to a slideshow (or some equivalent on your distro/OS), and pointing it at the directory you've set the output to in the cron command. This will automatically redraw your desktop with a new random set of album art on a regular basis.
The script can be downloaded here.

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