Amarok LiveUSB

This is a LiveUSB image for the Amarok music player. Once installed on a memory stick, it can be booted from, and will automatically load Amarok. Support for standard open source codecs and mp3 is included.
Comments, bugs, etc may be addressed to Sentynel in #amarok on FreeNode, or emailed to amarok _at_ sentynel _dot_ com.

Current status

The Amarok LiveUSB is fully functional. .iso images for CD burning are available. I've only been able to successfully write the USB image with ImageWriter (more on that in the Usage section). Custom art is highly limited (the Amarok logo shows up in a couple of places during boot). It's only been tested by me on a Samsung NC10 netbook, though it's based on openSUSE so ought to work pretty much anywhere. ALSA firmware packages are included, so hopefully most soundcards should be supported.
Software versions: Amarok 2.4.3, KDE 4.7.0, Qt 4.7.3

Music inclusion

Currently, the bundled music images feature free chart music from the music site Darker Radio is included. This release features the July 2011 chart. I am actively taking requests for other free music to be bundled. If you can provide a link to download some music under a suitable free license, I'll include it. The more suggestions the better!



If you have a SUSE Studio account, the image may be downloaded, further details viewed, and the project cloned from its SUSE Gallery page.

Bundled music

These images include free sample music.
LiveUSB image (MD5: 6a91dbfb0662a73da1540be67b4ed6a1)
LiveCD iso (MD5: 23fd8405946e2c97ae33f933d808ba04)

No bundled music

These images do not include any music. You will need to add your own.
LiveUSB image (MD5: ba1b8ea8e09ad357f414dc2f7d8fd7cd)
LiveCD iso (MD5: 1c00586af4db41ebf0347ebf42a37202)


The LiveCD .iso can simply be burnt to disk with your choice of CD writer software.
The USB image should be installed to a memory stick using ImageWriter (I've tried other methods, but had boot failures etc - inform me if you get it working with other methods). If you use an RPM-based distro, ImageWriter packages are available in the SUSE Studio repo. The rest of us have to compile from source (click the "snapshot" link; building requires the libhal-storage-dev package). Windows users may download ImageWriter.
Once the image write is completed, copy the music you wish to use to /home/amarok/Music on the USB drive. Windows users: note you will have to boot from the USB drive and then copy music onto it, as Windows will not be able to read its file system.
Note: The root password is "amarok", should you need it - for example, to mount hard disks.

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