Batch audio transcoder

This is a Python script for batch transcoding of audio files. It provides the ability to choose file types to transcode and to copy without transcoding (in order to keep album art, etc), choice of transcoding target format, and copying of standard tags between formats.
VLC is used as the transcoding backend.
This code is released into the public domain.
Comments, bugs, etc may be addressed to Sentynel in #amarok on FreeNode, or emailed to amarok _at_ sentynel _dot_ com.


VLC must be available. cvlc should be in your path, or the VLC call in the script adjusted to point to the VLC executable's location. Tag support can be provided by TagPy or with Mutagen; one of these must be present for tag copying but are not required otherwise. (Note: copying tags from .wma files requires Mutagen.) Python 2.7 is required for the multithreaded, Mutagen-supporting script; the single threaded version will run on older interpreters.
The basic invocation should resemble cp, as ./ SOURCE... DEST etc. See ./ --help for options and more details.
The script can be downloaded here.
A version of the script without multithreading or Mutagen support which runs on Python 2.6 and earlier can be downloaded here.

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