MediaWiki CleanupBot

This is a Python script for quick cleanup of wiki spam, originally built for the Amarok project. It can log into an account at a wiki and check the recent changes for a specified date range or since the bot's last run and list the active users and their changes. The user can mark users as spammers, and the bot will block each identified user and clean up their changes.
This code is released into the public domain.
Comments, bugs, etc may be addressed to Sentynel in #amarok on FreeNode, or emailed to amarok _at_ sentynel _dot_ com.


Requires Python 2.7 and the python-wikitools module. Run ./ to log into the Amarok wiki as CleanupBot (you'll need to get the account password to do this - ask in the Amarok IRC channel), or specify --wiki and --username. (The defaults can also be edited in the file.)
By default it will check all activity since the bot was last run, though you can also choose to specify a date range. If the bot has not previously run, it will ask for a date range. It will print a numbered list of users with the changes they made. Identify spam accounts and supply a list, range, or list of ranges of the numbers. Make sure you check every user - you don't want to accidentally fry legit users.
The script can be downloaded here.

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