- A command-line alarm script written in Python

This is a simple but flexible musical alarm script. It supports use of any audio file as an alarm tone, setting alarms for absolute or relative times, random choice of audio, and setting a second alarm that repeats until killed, in order to encourage the user to get up to turn it off. (I use Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up for this purpose.)
Run --help to get started.'s source code is public domain - you may modify it to your heart's content to add extra features. If you ask me nicely (alarm _at_ sentynel _ dot_ com), I might consider adding stuff if it's useful.
Requirements: You will need: Python 2.x, and VLC media player (by default, anyway - you can easily use a music player of your choice).
Note: There are config options at the top of the file, which will need changing before you start the program for the first time.
Note for Windows users: This should work fine on Windows. It can be started by double-clicking the .py file, but will be more flexible if you run it from the command prompt (to see command line options, run --help). To turn off the alarm, press ctrl+c.

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