PyRook - A standalone client for RookChat written in wxPython

PyRook aims to provide a platform-independent standalone RookChat client with feature parity with the standard web interface, plus additional features such as highlighting on your username and local logging. By default it connects to RinkChat, RinkWorks's installation of RookChat.
Comments, bugs, etc may be memoed to Sentynel or #pyrook on RinkChat, or emailed to pyrook _at_ sentynel _dot_ com.
PyRook's source code is public domain.
A roadmap of planned releases can be found here.
Requirements: You will need: Python 2.6, wxPython 2.8.


v0.8 beta release

Biggest addition: Text formatting, images, URLs, etc are now present and working in the chat stream. Also added automatic chat stream merge on refresh and local logging (turn it on in conf file). It should now be possible to use this client as a replacement of the web client, though various RookChat features (memos, bot control, etc) will still open in the web browser.

Possible issue: Intermittent crashes when "no" is chosen from "you have been kicked" dialogue. I desperately need more test results on this. I believe it is a wxGTK bug, and thus Windows users will be unaffected, while Unix users will get it, but I need data to confirm this.
v0.8.1: Bugfixes: Clicking URLs no longer alters formatting for subsequently displayed messages. Reserved characters (& etc) are now accepted in posted messages. URLs with # in can now be opened successfully. Lack of spaces in userlist fixed.
v0.8.2: Bugfixes: URL formatting screwup bug fixed, for real this time. Crash on encountering <a> tag with no href attribute fixed. Minor userlist formatting glitches fixed. Relative text sizes fixed.
Known issue: Formatting screwup bug not really fixed. Sigh.
Download it here!

v0.4 alpha release

Logging in and room selection now have dialog windows. You can be in more than one room at once. A config file is automatically created and read, but currently only supports user and password values.

v0.4.1: Bugfix: Crash on room list opening if room with "no mods" set encountered fixed.
v0.4.2: Minor addition: "host", "path" and "servername" options added to conf, should you wish to connect to non-RinkChat installs of RookChat. No upgrade from v0.4.1 required if you don't.
Known(ish?) issue on Windows: Intermittent errors referring to "bogus timer id" in console window, causing dialogues/tabs to occasionally fail to appear or misbehave. Please report if you are also experiencing this. This is due to a known but outstanding issue in wxWidgets, but more information would be useful.

v0.2 pre-alpha release

All basic functions are now implemented. Logging in and selecting a room are handled in a terminal window for the moment. You can only be in one room. No formatting (including link tags) or images are displayed.
You can send and receive messages and view the userlist. That's it for now.

v0.2.1: Bugfix: Stream thread lockup and CPU usage spike on stream termination fixed.
v0.2.2: Bugfix: Failure to close and log out politely if X button rather than File > Quit used fixed.

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